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Jacaranda Hotels - Nairobi, Kenya.

Jacaranda Hotels launched into the Kenyan hospitality industry in 1964 initially as a motel-The Pizza Garden which provided snacks and beverages for tourists on transit. The popularity of the establishment brought with it necessity for a bigger facility that would provide accommodation for the discerning patrons.

The many Jacaranda trees on location provided a perfect name which today is synonymous. In 1973, a World Bank Conference was to be staged in Nairobi. The Jacaranda only had 40 rooms, which was hardly enough for all the expected guests and dignitaries. The need for further expansion arose and two extra wings were built to house 80 more rooms. At the time, it was just after independence and there existed opportunities for growth hence the need for professionalism.

Jacaranda Hotels has been managed by different hands among them Alliance Hotels, Quality Inn and Block Hotels.

Jacaranda hotel-Nairobi was Land mark hotel during the block hotels tenure.
In October 2003, the management contract with Block hotels came to an end Jacaranda Hotels Kenya was then formed.

It is now 5 years since Jacaranda hotels Kenya was formed.
Our industry has been through many challenges but amid these challenges, we kept it together and are now ready to officially launch the new products.

Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi
Has gone through a major renovation and we have finally faced out standard rooms and are now fully superior by all standards
Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort
The Resort has not only acquired a new identity but also brand new rooms with major landscaping works and an additional conference venue
Lake Elementaita Lodge
The Lodge Was recently acquired from Lake Nakuru management and is now fully owned and managed by Jacaranda hotels Kenya group.
Other facilities include
Village Inn (Kiambu) and the Famous Pizza Garden which is just across the hotel.

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